Project Updates

My cork board earlier into the thumbnail process.

I’m working on my next short. Last time I posted an update I was brainstorming ideas. Since then I wrote (And re-wrote) an outline. Currently I am well into the thumbnailing process, almost into the third act of the story.

Once I have the whole thing “Written,” then I’ll go back and revise and rewrite where necessary. Probably cut together a thumbnail animatic to make sure it isn’t running way longer  than it needs to. I tend to start complex and simplify later.
I’m excited to animate again, but I’m enjoying the other processes along the way.

As for the first short, it’s somewhat on the back burner. Once I get the new score in I plan on polishing up some scenes. At this point I don’t plan on animating more of it, just clean-up, color, and maybe backgrounds in places that don’t have it. Hopefully I’ll be able to make the next one more cohesive. I think I’ll be able to.

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