“No Animals Allowed” Work-in-progress is now live

Check it out here. The first video is the teaser trailer. Be sure to scroll down to see the full work-in-progress. I was a little nervous about making the video public but feedback’s been pretty positive.

I plan to touch up a few more areas on the short. Maybe clean up/color some more shots, update the few really old storyboards that remain, and tweak some issues with the audio levels. Hopefully the next version I post will also include an original score, which I have a friend working on. I’m also brainstorming ideas for the next short, which I’m excited to do.

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Three-Flavor Cornetto Fanart

Three-Flavor Cornetto Fanart

I took a stab at caricaturing Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg, and Nick Frost to submit to the Cornetto Trilogy Tumblr.

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Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded Submission

I’ve been following news on Replay Games’ Kickstarted remake of Leisure Suit Larry 1. Really excited for it. On Monday they put up a pretty short notice but very cool contest for artists to do the box art for the game, so here’s what I cranked out for it today. Hopefully they like it.


Oh yeah. Here’s a bonus Animaniacs Doodle Break drawing:


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10th Doctor Artwork

10th Doctor Artwork

It’s about time I made some Doctor Who artwork. This started as a scribbily thing I doodled in my sketchbook but I liked it enough to throw it onto Photoshop and finish it up.

Below is the mindless sketchbook doodle this originated from.

Photo on 3-27-13 at 7.31 PM


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John Wayne Anti-Cancer Commission

This is the first commission I’ve gotten to draw a celebrity, which is always fun. This is John Wayne and the quote was inspired from a Richard Pryor bit, only modified to have him threaten cancer away.


See this and more at the commissions gallery page. Got an idea for something you’d like me to draw? Head on over to this page while my prices are still dirt cheap.

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Stuff I’m doing

I’ve been animating everyday. It’s my first major animation project and I’m learning a lot working on it. Maybe once I get closer to done I’ll actually post stuff from it, but for now I’m keeping it on the down-low since it’s still got some ways to go. It’s been a long and slow process. I estimate I’ll be done with it sometime in the fall.

Recently I finished another commission. anncommissionYou can commission artwork from me on this page, and see other examples here.

btshirt I decided to put the random drawing I did the other day on a t-shirt. What else can I draw that would look cool on a shirt? Let me know. This design is called “Badass With A Shotgun” and is the first shirt available for purchase in my Zazzle Store.

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Recent fan art drawings just for the hell of it

Lately any time I draw it’s for my ongoing animated short or for commission, so it’s nice to take a break from that and do some unrelated artwork.

I’m kind of a late-comer to Adventure Time but I enjoy it. It’s definitely one of the most unique shows out there. I Doodled this Finn and Jake between animation frames and then decided to ink/color it.

Blackthone is one of my favorite Super Nintendo games that most people haven’t heard of. I remember even back when it was new it was hard to find for whatever reason, though hotels sometimes had it on their game library. The protagonist of that game is so badass, he doesn’t even need to turn around to shoot something behind him.
And now, polar opposite on the video game badass scale is Larry Laffer. I’ve been a fan of the Leisure Suit Larry games since I was way too young to be playing them. Really looking forward to the new one coming out.

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